Marmalade Skies

marm skies 

It’s here the marmalade season and what a wonderful time of year! It’s a t time when the Seville’s arrive. Bright skinned and bushy tailed! Here to warm up our dull days with a little bit of Spanish sunshine, it’s the perfect time to put the pan on.

 At this very moment my time is being taken up with moving, so in between batches I find myself moving heavy kitchen equipment and units to a little place along the road in Hordle.

 I’m so excited I could dance in my kitchen!

 So a new adventure begins… to date I have taken down a wall, stripped the plasterboard away from the walls, ripped the floor up and demolished a built in cupboard.I have also taken out a large work bench and some old kitchen units. My word, its hard work being “Bob the builder”, but its been fun

I have also leveled my first floor! Oh yes me!  I did it!

Serious building work is the next step to be taken … Bob help!!! Walls need to be built, plaster boards replaced etc.etc. so its time to call in the professionals, and believe me its not easy being a project manger. My mind wonders …… mm wait a minute; I was once a Stage Manager! so time to manage!  As any good Stage Manager would say…. “30 minute call”

In between all of that I am still cooking “Seville’s” from Ava Maria Farm, these beauties arriving for a very short time over this dull British winter. Thank goodness its time to stop playing “Bob” and start playing “Paddington”.

ava maria farm

Ava Maria Farm 

Many marmalade makers the world over  take this very seriously, and armed with special  “recipe rituals”  passed down from generation to generation with the secrets kept locked inside a generation of cooks and marmalade jars, take to the pan with wooden spoon in hand, aim to make a better marmalade than they have every made  year in year out they set themselves goals! .This unique marmalade passion has created a wonderful world of “marmalade culture”. So if you have not made marmalade before…. be careful as once you have made a jar…your be addicted! and soon you will be joining, entering and competing at the Marmalade Festival which is held each year in Cumbria at Dalemain House. Where everyone is welcome. 


Now my favorite recipes change, depending on the fruit. But I always rely on my Moms recipe it is almost always right but to be honest its not that different to Nigel Slaters, which won me a Silver at the said marmalade awards! Although I’m not one for believing in magic, BUT!!!!  if you have never made marmalade or even if you have and you would like to try some marmalade magic! then this is little find is for you .READ the The kitchen diaries II, page 50  something I always read before I start with the marmalade cooking. I would even go so far as to say… don’t make marmalade without reading it first, its contains magic and every jar will set.

Nigel’s words are like fragments of a day I once had with my Mom, it brings back marmalade memories of her, her kitchen and how much she loved the garden. My next batch is for you Mom… and yes, I will sing “bring me sunshine” even if it is blowing a wild one as it is today. ( and I promise to save my sister a jar or two, although no jar will ever be as good as yours X).



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    Lovely to be greeted with this on a cold Winter morning. You, as usual make me smile as I read. Full of cheer and love – of family, tradition, preserves, and of life! Your enthusiasm is as ever infectious – am sure others will either make some marmalade or want to taste yours!! Thanks for sharing your sunshine and happiness.
    Am sooo pleased for you, J x


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      naked jam


      your very kind thank you xx


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