Marmalade Recipe 1.5 kilo of @Gospacitrus Seville oranges
1 lemon juiced
2.5 litres of water
2kg of sugar
Wash the oranges
Peel and slice the peel as thick or as thin as you like it to be.
Juice the oranges (ideally you need 1 litre of juice)
Keep all pipes and pith and place in a muslin cloth.
Place all the ingredients including the water into a pan and leave in a cool place overnight.
The next day, first things are first, get the jars ready to do this your need to wash your jars in warm soapy water ( or in a dishwasher) rinse and pop them in a medium heated oven for 10 minutes until dry, leave them there until you require them.
Now place your pan on the stovetop and bring to the boil,
Once at boiling point simmer for 2 hours uncovered until the peel is soft.
Remove from the heat and take out the cloth with the pith and place it in a colander to squeeze out the pectin and any juices from this little magic bag. This needs to be added to your marmalade.
Slowly add the sugar dissolving it as you add it to the liquid, once the sugar has dissolved bring to the boil. The marmalade boils and it looks very fierce and magical all at eh same time. Within 10mins you will feel the marmalade thicken on your spoon, so check your marmalade for set you require every 5 minutes or so. Once you have reached the set. Take the marmalade off the stove and leave it to settle for about 5 minutes.
Now you may find a little frothy texture on top of your Marmalade and in many recipes, it request that you place a nob of butter to disperse this however, I feel that butter should be left for your toast, so either ladle it off with a slotted spoon. DON’T loss this place it in a bowl to use as a filling for a cake or even a cocktail. It still tastes amazing, I stir mine into ice cream.
Ladle into your clean jars and lid. Enjoy with your breakfast toast. But remember marmalade can be used in many, many dishes and recipes. If you use marmalade in a recipe please feel to share and let us all know how you use your any photos of your dishes would be wonderful to see.
Happy Marmalade making
Jennifer x

Thank you

Thank you, everyone

It may be the same book but it is a new chapter. Having said that I will return to the beginning to remind myself of who I am what is in my DNA what makes me tick, why I do what I do.  So, this week I would like to thank you for supporting me on my crowdfunding journey and ask please do take me up on the voucher of cream teas and or jam deliveries, don’t forget to contact me if your undecided and I can help you with your decision.

So, let me tell you about the progress so far! I’ve taken down a wall or two I have taken out a bathroom and cloakroom! I am just about to lay the floor! So fingers crossed, in the meantime if you have any advise on building stuff let me know, as I am learning as I go along!


Crowdfund it

Well here goes I have decided to ask you to buy your jam in advance, why because COVID 19 has had a devastation effect on my business. Why will buying jam help me now? Because if you Buy Jam for every £ you spend the locals Solent LEP will match funded your purchases. Which will give naked a jam a much need lifeline. SO pop the kettle on and get the toaster ready.

Be kind

Taking time changes everything.

I wanted to share this with you from @Elitzfoods. Because being kind and considerate can and does change lives. If you find that during this pandemic of COVID-19, you have a moment of time to share, no matter what it is, be it time to say thank you, or blog that recipe to share your knowledge, or even your skills, I urge you to do so, please pass it on.  I promise you, you will not regret it.  Here is what one simple act of kindness from me to Elitz that changed lives. 

A few years back I had an email from a lady wanting to change and help the community in Nigeria. She was working in her family bakery in Lagos, where fruit grows in abundance, so not wanting to waste the food the local community were freezing it! However, most of it often got spoilt due to the electricity going off some times for days. So what better solution than to preserve the fruits and vegetables the old fashioned way in bottles and jars. This not only would create a solution, it would also create jobs and help the business support the community in many ways. So without hesitation emails were sent out across the UK to as many jam makers as possible to help Elitz foods and fortunately, one landed in my inbox and the rest they say is history. In her words is what happen next. 

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Throwback Thursday…. 😊 Today ELITZ FOODS celebrates Jen @nakedjam. Jen taught me the art of Jam making. She didn’t know me from Adam. I sent an email to several but she was the only one that replied and she invited me over. Guess what? She didn’t even charge me a dime! 😳 Today ELITZ JAMs has grown and is spreading across Nigeria and West Africa. It is creating employment and empowering domestic small holdings fruit farmers who otherwise would suffer wastage from lack of preservation. You lit a candle🕯, today it is lighting up a nation. Join me in celebrating a wonderful mentor and coach JEN!! 🍾🎊🎉🎈👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Thanks Jen! 💕💕💕💕 You are awesome!! We owe it all to you! #nakedjam #celebratingmentors #throwbackthursday #elitzfoods #makingadifference

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I’m hoping that this story inspires you to remember to be kind, that you all continue to say hello to the passerby, you continue to wave at people isolated in their homes even without COVID-19, be kind to the person in front or behind you and of course to yourself. And always say thank you to the lovely guys and gals who have always been our key workers. So say yes to helping others, it cost nothing but a warm heart and a little time. 

Equinox & Harvest

And what is means to me.

I run around hedgerows, I pick, forage and prepare the delights for jars. I am at one with the seasons, the growing moments in the garden and hedgerow, watching how it changes, it’s magical to me. It’s all I am. This is where I belong, growing, hunting, gathering, and of course in the kitchen, that my happy place, it’s where I feel at home.

I love to sit back on occasion and reflect on the delights of the season. And tomorrow I take a step back and wonder at the magic of the world, right across the globe we all witness the equal Autumn Equinox. The day and night are the same length (12 hours) over the world. As us on the north of the world celebrate the harvest, whilst the southern side will celebrate the arrival of spring, the perfection of nature is really quite remarkable, it never fails to surprise me of its knowledge.

However it was this that made me stop and wonder at the connection of us all across the globe and how we all celebrate food and the harvest. Be it here on with our “very British” quaintness in Sunday church services collecting hampers of goodies, to hand out or in our school assemblies highlighting a need to share our bounty at this time of year. However in Italy they do it daily, be it in small hamlets, villages, towns and even houses holds alone on hill side they all stop and celebrate the weekly harvest delights. Anything from the humble chickpea, to the prized white truffle with everything in between be it soft basil or  hazelnuts. Just about every little herb, fruit, vegetable, is held up and has place in everyone’s garden, and the plate playing an important role of nutriment and well-being giving balance to the harvest. Just like a mother with her family.

So tomorrow I wait in the morning dark for the first glimpse of the sun rising above the cliff tops and from behind the island nestled in the Solent. I will count my lucky stars and feel at one with nature and the world. It’s harvest time, a time of crazy busyness for me. Its not just a moment, I will celebrate on a day basis, the different fruit and vegetables coming into season and being ready as if by magic all at once!

The long days have suddenly becoming shorter, as if nature is telling me to preserve, pickle and gather in all the bounty. However my days are not shorter, they are long in hours if not daylight so I can fill my shelfs with jars of all sizes and shapes.  I just love it. 


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