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Turn Back The Clock!

Why it’s possible to travel through time with nothing but a jar of jam!

I often get asked why I am so obsessed with preserving and cooking well, my answer is simple, for me it’s all about turning back the clock. Let me explain when I set out to forage I am lead by the sun rays which help me navigate a path to find my bounty, and keep me warm.  It’s here that my time travel begins, as I am transported  to a moment on a Welsh hill side where I recapture my mum’s warm hands and her smile as if she had never left me. 

And today I travelled again as I opened a jar of Crab apple to have with my saddle of Rabbit, one taste took me back to October 2016 when I recall the tree I climbed how the ground was soft and covered in a whisper of the fallen leaves, whose scent filled my lungs and the sun still held some warmth, from the passing Summer.   I’m taking it back to the kitchen where the heady smell of cooked apples takes me on my time travelling journey again this time i’m transported right back to the Rayburn oven with its sweet smell of wood dust and the taste of pigeon pie, to moments of joy and learning to cook and eat.

So I can recommend it if you want to travel back in time cook jam. 


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