Plums & strawberries!

 Autumn Strawberries What a wonderful day. Wednesday’s can be well.. a little bit boring!  but not today! I was lucky enough to discover a wonderful farm shop Where I picked up some homegrown plums and meet some wonderful people. I even stopped to enjoy the on-site farm cafe and indulged in a little homemade cake and a set me up for the day coffee! ( Its a great place for pick your own, with a few other wonderful little places to discover working alongside the farm) I had stopped longer than I had anticipated and it was time to make my return journey back into the New Forest, where yesterday I had stumbled across a new patch of autumn strawberries, and at this time of year they needed picking asap.  Wow what a taste, it was like a first kiss sweet and tingly. So what went into the pan? First off plums, with a little Amaretto a favorite for some of you. Naturally I do a naked plum. The strawberries I steeped in sugar and added a little something special, these lovelies will be on the stove tomorrow.Yes tomorrow? well I’ve been tipped off about an apple tree, I have  not seen in the forest before, so will I be cooking a new recipe or firm Favorite ? I let you know tomorrow.  

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