Spring Time

Spring has gently opened her doors and has let in the warmth of a new season’s breeze. It brushes my face with a softness of rose petals. With a promising brighter sun, she entices me to step outside and discover snowdrops and early daffodils. A sight so familiar, yet each spring she delivers these gifts and it’s like the first time it’s ever arrived. As if it’s appeared there just for me to discover.  Each flower, each blossom reflexing the open sky and the morning sun. As each ray magically lights up the emerging blossoms, of the hedgerows, teasing and requesting each and every blossom to open into full flower.



It’s at this moment I fall in love with this new season as if it is a first kiss.  The ground is still cold but the expectation of new fruit starts to excite my taste buds, as I witness the first crop of rhubarb, pushing her pinks stalks out of the tops of upturned pots  used to force these gorgeous delights on. I could dance it’s spring, these pink beauties once picked give me such enthusiasm for the next new season, knowing it is safely underway. I feel she is giving me a glimpse of the bounty yet to come.

Rhubarb Chimmy pots

Kitchen Garden at the Chewton Glen



rhubabr in the snow


So after the marmalade it’s rhubarb time. These pink stalks appear in the garden and my taste buds tingle. It really doesn’t feel like twelve months since I picked the first crop of the year, but it is and it’s back, my favorite rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb…a word that always makes me laugh so I say it again Rhubarb!  If you would like to know about this little beauty (you can find facts about it from last year’s blog) but this year I would like to give you a little recipe that is tasty, fun, easy and full of the joys of spring!


A quick Rhubarb & Orange Jam Bread and Butter Pudding.


1 pot of Rhubarb & Orange Jam

400g of sliced bread this need to be about a day old if not two.

2 large eggs and 3 large egg yolks.

A pot of 500ml double cream

250 ml of milk

1 vanilla pod. (you only need the seeds hers so keep the pod and pop it into some sugar)

2 tbsp. of demerara  sugar.

The zest of 1 large orange.

Make sandwiches with the bread & Jam and cut into triangles. and place in an ovenproof dish.

Put the milk cream, eggs into a bowl and whisk. Pour over the bread and let it sit over night.( or at least for 1 hour)

Sprinkle over the orange & Sugar and Place in a warmed oven about 180c for about 45 mins.

Serve with Mascarpone cream, or vanilla ice cream. 



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